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To Destroy Your Letters

At first I thought
to take the classic approach,
burn your letters
one by one
consigned to the flames,
your ornate lies
drifty and complicated,
smoke in the sky.
Then, calmer, I decide
to rip each one
into careful shreds,
a more tactile solution
where your words,
torn to death
as they deserve,
are separated forever.
Shortly thereafter
I thought to apply
my alleged creative powers
by drowning the letters
in a cold tub overnight,
dissolving what had come to pass,
or at least your version.

Eventually, it occurred to me,
to bury the vile missives
deep in the pungent loam
of my lonely dark yard,
where all things right
or wrong are born,
would be most just
and hopefully, contrarily
something you hate.

Then, finally,
I was lured to desert them
on the front stoop
to be picked up
by a curious thief,
thereby embroiling
the both of you in each other,
with luck causing cataclysms
in your lives, or at least
the sort of confusion
I am forced
to enjoy.