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Hooker in Nevada

Hey Baby I gotta warn ya’ – Just got out of Prison in California
My feet are on fire, my head’s full of sparks –
Seems I’m always Bound for Unknown parts
Thoughts in my head Are Unduly Twisted -- didn’t wanna Run but My Head insisted

I’m headin’ to Nevada where the Hookers are sweet
Standin’ On a corner Studyin’ the street
saw You in AN alley with a tattoo and a bruise
In a mustard mini-skirt, Waitin’ To be used
You needed 27 dollars, to get you right . . . I needed your body, a kiss, and a sigh!

You remind me of a girl that I once dated
Though she was no where near as well lubricated
She was a pretty little tattered sweet sixteen
SHe did the Watusi on MethamphetamiNe
I traded her in StocktoN for a BluE Impala
Cut the heels off her ShoeS so she Couldn’t folla’

I had a girl she’s hard and she’s stuck up
constantLy refers to me as A worlD class Fuck-Up
She wrote for a while, then she put me on hold
She Moved to SaN Ysidro when I paroleD
She took her pout an’ her car, her leopard-skin Pill BoX HaT
She left me alone, you know I just can’t STAND THAT!

Gun in my trunk, eight ball in my pocket
I always gotta run and I can’t stop iT. . . . Helicopters chase me all night long
I can’t think straight cause my hearT is gonE . . . I’m Paranoid and a part of the RoaD
In my rear VieW mirror, Black And Whites EXPLODE!

Can I sleep on your couch, Live in your bath room
don’t worry bout tomorrow I’ll be LockeD up Soon
I’ll end up wounded in some ghetto liquor – Cheetos in my hand, bLood on the fLoor
The cops will escort me back to California . . . Just Don’t Say I Didn’t WARN YA!