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Note found in the desert

A Note Found in the DesertI am bleeding, I am fleeing,
careening across the desert.
I am coughing, caught in a dream,
a witless insomniac.
Out in the open, I am hidden
staving off the end.
Mistakes were made, I am sorry
there’s no turning back.

I am broken, I am choking,
flailing at the sky.
Hopelessly stalled, I am falling,
a hapless infidel.
Listless, I’ve been dismissed,
cast into the lowlands.
I am breathing, slow and easy,
at night at last alone.

I am dirty, cold and thirsty,
on a road lost and long.
No moon for days, stars begin to fade,
the signs all disagree.
I see coyotes, walking slowly,
tell my wife I’m fine.
The only witness, I am listening,
like I never did before.