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As described in detail on the musical history page, St. James has been active in various bands and music projects for many years now. This page contains a selection of various recordings - both as streams and downloads.


Selected songs from recordings #1.

Seriously Sad // Download
Judas Kiss // Download
Hooker in Nevada // Download

Selected songs from recordings #2.

Butterscotch Whore // Download
Glad I Left // Download
Heat of You // Download
Down Around Me Burn // Download
Want You To Crave Me // Download
I Know You Angry // Download
Blue Love // Download

Selected songs from recordings #3.

No U Angry // Download
Let This be A Warning // Download
Wild Gods // Download
Prison Songs

A few songs, St. James recorded during his first time in jail.

Prison Track Intro // Download
Prison Track 1 // Download
Prison Track 2 // Download
Prison Track 3 // Download
Other Songs

More songs, recorded over the past few years.

Lie About My Dreams // Download
No Skies // Download